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Wood Floors

Wood Floors

Who doesn’t love the look of beautiful wood flooring? With so many color and material options options to choose from a new wood floor will enhance any home.

LT Construction installs all types of flooring including tile and stone, stained concrete and hardwood.

We install two varieties of hardwood flooring, Engineered and Solid.

Engineered wood flooring is the most common choice and is comprised of two or more layers of wood. The top layer is a wood veneer with a very durable finish. Installations are generally glued to concrete or nailed to subfloor.

Solid wood flooring is a good choice and is best suited for higher grade installations. Solid is generally unfinished prior to installation, which allows customers a variety of colors and finishes.

When considering flooring options, hardwood flooring have a lot to offer. from the classic look and
elegant feel to the return on your investment. New technology in finishes help to keep
the floor looking beautiful for decades in any room of your home. You simply cant go wrong with hardwood.

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